Conflict Resolution and Courageous Converstations

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- 16:30
Fri, September 13 2019
- Fri, September 13 2019

A one-day workshop to support professionals to be at their best when the need to transform potential conflict situations into collaborative opportunities is present or when the need to courageously speak up arises.
Part 1 – Managing Conflict:
Being at our Best through the Art of Transforming Conflict Situations into Collaborative Solutions
Conflict is a normal part of the human experience and the possibility of conflict arising is present in every situation where people interact. Each of us responds in a unique way to conflict. Some of us respond in an aggressive way which can often result in the conflict escalating – others respond in a passive way in an attempt to avoid the conflict.
The aims of this segment of the workshop are as follows:
Through the understanding and use of an internationally recognized Conflict Styles model, participants in this workshop will become aware of their own default conflict response.
They will also become aware of four alternative personal responses to conflict. With such awareness comes greater opportunity to create a more positive and productive resolution to the conflict.

What participants can expect:
Although grounded in a solid theoretical framework, this is a very practical workshop and past participants have left this workshop feeling far more personally empowered to speak their truth in an assertive way so that their personal message is delivered respectfully and with maximum impact.

Finally, this highly experiential workshop has been delivered to more than many organisations in Europe, the US, Asia and in India and participants leave with an increased sense of awareness on how to engage in future challenging situations in a helpful and positive way and so avoid the situation where conflict leads to strained working relationships.
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