High Impact Leadership Programme


The 12 week programme which is being delivered virtually will equip leaders with strategies to lead with impact in a rapidly changing context.

The target audience are newly Appointed Managers, Managers who want to expand their current skills, Leaders and Individual Contributors who want to successfully transition to a People Management Role.

This course is for you if ….

  • You have been an Individual Contributor and you now want to develop all of the core skills of managing and leading others
  • You want to accelerate your development as a People Manager within a 12-week period
  • You want to learn and develop the skills of the world’s greatest leaders
  • You want to develop practical leadership skills that will support your leadership career from Newly Appointed Manager to becoming a CEO at a future point in your career
  • You want to go on a 12-week virtual development journey with similar Appointed Leaders from other organisations

Program Structure

  • This program has been optimized for virtual delivery using the Zoom platform. The program begins with a ninety-minute Program Launch between the Program Facilitator & the Program Participants.
  • The participants will then complete some online self-awareness assessments which will highlight their current strengths and stretches as a High-Performance Leader. This will also act as a baseline for their development over the following twelve[1]week leadership development journey.
  • The program consists of six three[1]hour virtual workshops where each workshop will focus on different competencies of high-performance leaders.
  • There will also be two group check-ins where the purpose will be to support the new leaders to integrate and apply the learnings from the workshops into their daily activities. There will also be time available to further practice these newly acquired leadership skills. The program concludes with a graduation ceremony and a report out where each participant will be invited to share their leadership development with their peers and some invited guests

Key competencies developed on this program include

  • The Characteristics of High Performance Leaders and what all highly effective people managers know
  • How to Influence others through Active Listening
  • How to hold Effective and Impactful Difficult Conversations and how to manage poor performance
  • Coaching Skills for Empowering Others and Effective Delegation
  • How to resolve personal or team conflicts
  • Change Management
  • Time Management
  • Building High Trust Professional Relationships

If you are interested in the High Impact Leadership Programme and would like to know more, please email info@itag.ie