Why Change Matters

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- 13:00
Wed, June 17 2020
- Wed, June 17 2020


The session is to be designed to meet the needs of current and future member organisations, who would like support in assessing, managing and navigating the considerable impact that the Covid crisis has had on leaders, management and team members throughout various industries.

There is a keen interest to find out more about how to ‘manage change’.  This 90 minute session is designed to take businesses through the 3-S model (Signposting, Supporting and Safety) as a useful starting point.  This means that attendees will have the opportunity to self-assess their team / organizational progress and gaps using the 3-S model as a diagnostic tool.

The expected output of the session is an individualised high level ‘gap analysis’ of the company’s efforts, successes and gaps in relation to moving its people successfully through change, in the current climate.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone from within the organisation who is in a leadership role (junior or senior) of any kind
  • Those responsible for managing change within an organization or with a remit covering change projects and / or implementing changes across processes and systems.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module, attendees will have learned:

  1. What the ‘3-S’ model of change is and how this applies to their current major change challenges.
  2. How to identify high level gaps in the organisations current key priorities in terms of supporting people through change to achieve successful outcomes.
  3. Highlight opportunities for further development in the people-agenda so that employees, team / project members and direct reports can support the change-agenda going forwards, through developing ‘change advocacy’ skills.

This talk will be provided by Denis O’Brien, from O’Brien Learning Solutions on behalf of itag Skillnet.

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