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September 3, 2018

DevOps: 6 Steps to Go Faster, Build Better and Avoid Diaster

DevOps: 6 Steps to Go Faster, Build Better and Avoid Disaster

Software quality is the backbone of any successful application, but too often takes the backseat to delivering on time. There have been significant changes in the way software gets developed and released over the past few decades, and the pressing need for faster cycles has driven the adoption of methodologies like DevOps.

DevOps allows for the continuous delivery of software with minimum disruption to existing infrastructures by increasing the collaboration between development and operations teams. However, adopting a DevOps mentality is not enough. More often than not, quality is compromised when the goal is to get the software to customers as soon as possible. No team should have to take that risk! Join some of the SmartBear team on Thursday, September 6th in The PorterShed Galway, where you will have the opportunity to become part of the DevOps pipeline, and learn how to efficiently adopt a DevOps model without compromising software quality. Register here to attend: Register Now