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Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

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- 17:00
Mon, November 13 2023
- Wed, November 15 2023

This Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Course is a 3 day, highly intensive coaching workshop. This programme is designed to raise the attendee’s previous knowledge and experience and take it to the next level. More importantly, the structure and focus of the event is to enable you to be able to continuously progress and further your own learning and ability.

This workshop builds on the Scrum framework and the ScrumMaster role. This will give you the ability to help drive organisational change and help teams learn how to improve their work and approaches. This course expands the vital COACH and CHANGE AGENT aspect of the ScrumMaster role to new heights – and help you transform your own world of work!

The Advanced Certified ScrumMaster workshop requires previous Scrum knowledge and experience.  This is not a session for those new to the Agile space.  All attendees must have the Certified Scrum Master certification (CSM) for a minimum of one-year prior.  Advanced doesn’t just mean more techniques, it also means deeper understanding through real life scenarios.  Attendees must be willing to challenge their own thinking and approaches within this course.

The Past: The History and Analysis of Agile and Scrum.
The Coaching Concept – Coaching Stances
Coaching: Scrum Team – Coaching Sprint Planning. – GROW Model – Personal Retrospective – Active Listening – Reflective Listening – Non Violent Communication – Powerful and Socratic Questioning • Self-Organization • Team Dynamics
Key Attributes of Effective Agile Teams
Improving Team Performance
Tuckman Team Phases
Sprint Visualisation Techniques.
Definition of Done
Coaching: Product Owner – Personas – Impact Mapping – Story Mapping – Team Backlog Refinement tactics.
Facilitation – Voting Techniques – Meeting Facilitation Methods – Divergent and Convergent Thinking – The “Groan Zone”
The Case for Agile Engineering: Extreme Programming
Change Agent – Changed VS Changing
Agile Scaling Approaches (LeSS, SAFe, DAD, Nexus)
Scrumbrella: Scaling Patterns • Impediment Removal – Tactics and Strategies – CARF Model – De Bono Thinking Hats – 5 Whys – Scaling and Change Scenario via LEGO: JORVO.
Personal Development – Self Reflection via Scrum Values – Crucial Conversations. – ScrumMaster as Servant Leader

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