Cloud and Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Cloud Environments with Chris Czarnecki

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Thu, August 27 2020


Anthos is a cloud application platform that allows the deployment and management of cloud native applications in a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environment. It provides the seamless integration of on premise infrastructure with public clouds including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Anthos also brings the Cloud platform to the network edge serving as a global, open platform for network-centric applications. Combined with 5G Anthos opens up the possibility for an exciting new portfolio of  solutions for industries such as retail, transport and manufacturing. This presentation introduces the Anthos platform. At the core of Anthos is Kubernetes.  How Anthos builds on Kubernetes is introduced and how cloud native applications can be deployed and managed across a hybrid cloud platform demonstrated live. The powerful platform features such as traffic shaping, security policies, observability, automated configuration management are also introduced. How Anthos enables developers to focus on building applications that can be deployed in a multi/hybrid cloud environment will be presented.

About Chris

Chris is an experienced system architect who has 30 years experience in delivering high performance, low latency large scale systems in telecommunications, financial, travel and retail sectors.

Google Anthos: A Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solution.

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