Cloud Essentials for Developers

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- 17:00
Mon, November 23 2020
- Thu, November 26 2020

Cloud computing has provided a raft of changes the way teams design & deploy applications for their clients. Options now exist that simply were not available before the emergence of cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Azure.

This workshop covers all the primary activities and technologies involved in designing, deploying and securing applications on an AWS platform. In addition to deployment and security, we also cover data as a service and infrastructure as a service.


Learning Objectives

You will learn how to:
▪ Work with cloud servers within a cloud environment.
▪ Work with Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
▪ Use Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and the Aurora relational database.
▪ Configure secure applications and use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for service authentication.
▪ Configure Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) tools to work with serverless architectures.
▪ Implement microservice based applications using AWS Lambdas



▪ No prior knowledge of cloud platforms is assumed
▪ Familiarity with a programming language (Java, .NET, Python) is required


Course Content

▪ What is the Cloud

– Fundamentals of cloud computing

– Benefits of cloud computing

– AWS, Azure, Pivotal, Google and the Cloud Computing Landscape


▪ Introduction to Servers and EC2

– Setting up Servers in the Cloud

– Configuration options for servers

– Autoscaling, Load balancing and Elasticity

– Working with AMIs – yours, Amazons, and the Marketplace

– Immutability


▪ Introduction to Storage

– Storage options

– Relational Databases as a Service

– RDS using Aurora

– Object Stores and Archiving


▪ Security and the Cloud

– Security Overview

– Responsibilities of AWS

– Responsibilities of the customer

– Securing your infrastructure

– Working with IAM


▪ The Paradigm Shift for Traditional Infrastructure

– Infrastructure as code

– CI and CD with a Serverless Architecture


▪ Microservice Implementation

– Deploying Microservices

– Creating a Microservice

– Serverless architectures with AWS Lambda

– Creating and Deploying Lambda Functions


▪ Automation of Deployment

– The Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Paradigm

– Automation of the delivery of server architecture

– Automation of the deployment of applications

– CloudFormation and SAM for Serverless Deployments

– The Serverless Framework for Serverless Deployments

– Deploying Lambda Functions through Jenkins

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