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Creating a Vision Story

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- 17:00
Wed, October 6 2021

Creating a Vision Story

Whether you looking to get colleagues to adopt a new idea, get clients to buy your products or services or get your senior board to agree to fund a new initiative, sharing your message or idea in a way that inspires and influences is essential.  A Vision Story can provide that inspiration.  Vision Stories allow you to paint a picture of what’s possible if your idea is adopted or what can happen if it isn’t.

In this 1-day programme, you’ll learn how to create a Vision Story that will:

▪ Increase your chances of getting buy-in to your ideas.
▪ Increase your influence.
▪ Simplify complex ideas.
▪ Capture audience attention.
▪ Help you to secure funding.
▪ Help you to secure agreement from stakeholders.
▪ Allow you demonstrate how a challenge can be overcome.

You will learn:
▪ How to create a Vision Story that will influence and inspire
▪ 5 ways to open your vision story with impact.
▪ How to structure your vision story so that it easy to follow and understand.
▪ How to give your vision story a natural flow.
▪ How to keep your audience engaged throughout your vision story
▪ How to make technical information interesting to your audience
▪ How to close your vision story and the importance of closing well
▪ How to avoid rambling and going off script
▪ How to make your vision story easy to remember long after you have delivered it.
▪ How to tell a Vision Story in a clear and concise manner
▪ How to make sure your audience takes away the message you intend them to take away.

Who is this workshop for?

Leaders, Technical experts, Engineers, Client facing professionals, Team members, HR Personnel, Directors
This 1-day programme will be highly interactive and engaging and at the end of it, you will know how to create a
Vision Story that can inspire and influence colleagues and clients.

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