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Dealing or living through a Security Incident What lessons are to be Learnt

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- 13:30
Tue, April 25 2023

Martin Kelly has spent most of his career in Leadership roles in the tech industry and is a former Global Head of IT Operations and Senior Vice President of Citrix heading up a team of 400 employees across EMEA, US and Australasia. During his time at Citrix Martin was very successfully at driving employee engagement getting inside the top5% of Global SVP’s in Citrix. During his time Martin has seen many an incident occur. Martin currently uses his vast industry knowledge that he has built up in advising startups and SMEs in the technology space. He equally sits on boards providing strategic guidance and direction. Martin currently sits on the board of The Rehab Group which in 2022 was victim of a cyber-attack and he became Chair of the sub-committee charged with Cyber Recovery. Martin also partakes in business coaching and mentorship as is big advocate of giving back.

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