itag Cyber Forum

Forum Lead: Eamonn Larkin (Rent The Runway)
November 24 2023

Cyber Research Conference Ireland

We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited 2nd IEEE Cyber...

itag Cyber Forum seeks to provide a network for industry and academia to share information, provide feedback from industry and support skills development in the region for the cyber security sector.

In association with: Cyber Ireland

Event Planning

  • Cyber Tuesday
  • Engineers Week March
  • AtlanTec Festival May
  • Cyber Conference Oct
  • Cyber Summit
  • Cyber Research Conference Ireland Nov

Building Cyber Awareness

  • Cyber Awareness training
  • Good practices
  • Role of IT professionals in aiding InfoSec
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Cyber - Clubs/Societies
  • SME Support
  • Supply Chain Mgt.
  • Teens in Tech
  • Schools Programme
  • R&D

Education & Training

  • Cyber Resource Library
  • Cyber Analyst Bootcamp x 2
  • Secure Code for Software Developers
  • Career Pathways
  • Cyber Skills Gap
  • Diversity in Cyber
  • 3rd Level /Startup Hackathon
  • Gov. Cyber needs

Technical Collaborations

  • Shared Learnings
  • Cyber trends
  • Industry Stories
  • Cross Company Hackathon
  • DORA and NIST
  • CISO Forum/Conference
  • Mitre Attack
  • NIS v2 understanding
  • Cyber in Medical device industry

Cyber Mentor Programme

itag Cyber Forum are delight to announce the launch of our new Cyber Security Mentor Programme.  This programme is designed to have industry experts encourage and create opportunities for those attending our Cyber Security Analyst Bootcamp.

Meet the Mentors

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or getting involved with itag Cyber Forum please email

Eric Connaughton, Diligent
Eoin Byrne, Cyber Ireland
Enda Barrett, University of Galway
David Silke, Centripetal
Denise Rocks, Regional Skills West
Sean Coffey
Gerry Carty
Brian Lee
John Barry
Mamoona Asghar
John Brosnan
Eamonn Larkin

Members Library & Resources

Our Members can now access our members library where you will find recordings of talks along with several useful resources, we have included some of these below.

Review (FC) Freaky Clown’s ‘How I Rob Banks’ or Paul Delahunty’s ‘Cyber Security Trends to Lookout for 2022/2023’.  Chatch up will all our itag Cyber Forum Talks.

Experts on Crytocurrency, Zero Trust, Cyberpsychology and more.  Cyber Summit talks.

Cyber Security Analyst Bootcamps, includes talks from member companies such as Intel and Rapid7 as well as career development talks for GMIT and NUI Galway.  Cyber Security Analyst Bootcamps talks

itag Podcasts, Philip Smith, Avaya discusses tech issues, including discussions Cybersecurity trends, Cyber Ireland, IOT Fishtank Hacks and Security tips with Scott Doolin & Joanne O’Connor both for HPE.  To listen to itag’s Podcasts click here

The National Cyber Security Centre provides guidance documents which can be accessed here

Career Opportunities

Visit the itag careers page to find out more about career opportunities in this area.

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Cyber Research Conference Ireland

We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited 2nd IEEE Cyber...

Members Library & Resources

Members Library & Resources