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itag’s Agile Forum brings together Agile enthusiasts who meet to  share ideas, experiences, real-life problems, best working practices etc. We aim to provide the whole Agile community, whatever their level, with a regular meeting place to share knowledge from their own past experiences.

The group is made up of of Agile professionals across various disciplines including Developers, Testers, Architects, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, CTOs and many more.

The itag Agile Forum committee members are planning the events schedule for the remainder of the year.  We would love your opinion on any speakers and topics that interests you.

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November 16 2022

'Scaling Agility' with Brian Tucker

itag’s Agile Forum is delighted to bring you ‘Scaling Agility’...
April 27 2022

Fidelity Investments: The evolution of our Flow metrics to predictive analytics using Monte Carlo Simulations

Overview: Fidelity Investment have developed a suite of flow metrics...
April 28 2021

The HPE Case Study on Continuous Delivery

Case Study – Transformation from waterfall approach to Continuous Delivery...
June 16 2021

Co-creating great employee experience with Agile HR

In a disruptive and pandemic world, it’s all eyes on...
April 14 2021

Lessons from the Cyberpunk 2077 Release

At the end of last year I released a video...
March 12 2021

Collaboration Tools Workshop

Nigel Baker of AgileBear will provide a workshop on ‘Collaboration...