Strategies for Creating Psychological Safety in Teams

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- 12:00
Tue, October 10 2023

Join us at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Galway for an insightful session on ‘Strategies for Creating Psychological Safety in Teams’ with none other than JJ O’Riordan, The Mindful Leader. 🧠💼

Psychological safety is the foundation for high-performing teams, where individuals feel comfortable and confident to express their ideas and take risks. In this interactive session, JJ O’Riordan will share some proven strategies and techniques to create an environment that fosters psychological safety within your agile teams. 🚀

Whether you’re an agile practitioner, team lead, or simply interested in improving team dynamics, this event promises to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge. 🌟

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and expand your agile knowledge!🤝

Let’s explore the world of psychological safety in teams together!

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