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A unique forum to shed light on the MedTech industry and learn from experts in the field.

This unique forum will shed light on the MedTech industry and provide an opportunity to learn directly from experts in the field, while R&D opportunities will be explored between the Tech & MedTech cluster along the AtlanTec Gateway.

Galway is a global hub for the medical technology industry. Eight of the world’s top ten med-tech companies are based here, and the medical devices designed and made in Galway are saving lives all over the world.  If you are interested in learning about IT across MedTech R&D. Hosting presentations addressing specific problems through IT application from early discovery to drug submission and launch. The paradigm of MedTech R&D is shifting: the ever-increasing volumes and breadth of data, the complexity of scientific discovery and drug development mechanisms and the evolving standards of excellence and compliance generate a number of challenges and opportunities for which IT can provide tremendous value.


Past Events: 

  • AtlanTec Virtual Festival 2020 MedTech Speakers included:
    • Tim Jones
    • Dr. Atif Shahzad
    • Dr. Adnan Elahi
    • Prof. Martin O’Halloran
    • Dr Aaron Golden

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