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Forum Lead: Prof Michael Madden (University of Galway)
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Our AI (Artifical Intelligence) Forum is excited to bring you the latest happenings in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Big Data.  We are made up of software engineers, practitioners, data enthusiasts, scientists, academia who have an interest and passion for AI & Deep Learning.  We bring practitioners and academics together to discuss trending topic in the world of AI. We also invite esteemed industry influencers and thought leaders to talk shop on all things data science.

AI Center of Excellence 

Our AI Centre of Excellence will include the following: 

  • Legal 
  • Industry  
  • Education 
  • Colleges 
  • SME’s 
  • Law 
  • Ethics 

Workshops and networking events that will include the following:

  • Shared Learnings 
  • Thriving Community 
  • AI trends
  • Shared Success Stories 
  • Discussion Groups
  • Career pathways and recruitment campaigns
  • AI Summit – November 2023

Actions & Events 

  •  AI Masters, AI for Managers 
  • Academia/Industry – demos, consultancies, workshops
  • Hackathons 
  • Volunteers for school project – competitions etc 
  • AI Training Needs – not just about coding – move to cloud, data, ethics, etc 
  • AI Skills Gap & Skills Analysis 
  • AI Summit  

Artificial Intelligence Latest News

PgCert (Computer Science—Artificial Intelligence for Managers

To apply send you CV to

Report on future skills needs for the use of AI in Ireland

The report, entitled AI Skills: A Preliminary Assessment of the Skills Needed for the Deployment, Management and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence, highlights the need for everyone, regardless of whether they work in tech or not, will need some level of knowledge and understanding of AI.

Commenting on the launch of the report, Minister Troy said:

“The report today highlights the huge potential that AI presents and forecasts the future skills needs to seize these opportunities. But if we are to see the benefits we must be prepared. Government is already working with our counterparts in Europe to develop an effective regulatory framework that will ensure the ethical use of AI, championing a person-centred, trustworthy approach to AI in its deployment and application. Further action is needed now across all realms of society to ensure we have the know-how to use AI effectively and fairly to the benefit and good of us all.”

Useful resources

AtlanTec Festival - Conor McGann 'Using AI and Robotics in Vertical Farming'
AtlanTec Festival - Gearoid Hynes 'Using Machine Learning to improve Bus Networks'
AtlanTec Festival Ken Power - 'Intersection of AI & Software'

For more slide share, handouts and recodings check our member’s library.   Please note member’s library is only available to member companies.

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