Diversity & Inclusion Masterclass

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Event Details

- 13:00
Thu, November 22 2018
- Thu, November 22 2018

Overview: In this masterclass, participants will engage with other business colleagues to explore the topic of diversity and inclusion. It will focus primarily on gender diversity but will touch on other areas such as age, sex, race and diversity of thought.

Expected outcomes

* Understand why diversity has become such an important topic today in business and in society

* Explore pre-conceptions from the room on their views on the topic in an open, trusting and non-judgemental environment

* Demonstrate the overwhelming research highlighting the organisations benefits from a profitability, brand, innovation and talent standpoint

* Explore unconscious bias and understand that we cannot stop having biases but we can learn to be mindful of them

* Explore how company cultures form, and the impact of culture and privilege in building effective diversity & inclusion policies

* Examine strategies to support leaders, managers and also organisations to make changes and to support a diverse culture.

Flow of session

The session will challenge the participants and encourage and give time for active discussion among participants. It will include videos, exercises and challenging questions, it will also be entertaining to keep them engaged for the time.


11 – 1 – the session would be 90 – 100 minutes with plenty of time for questions and discussion

Presentation approximate timings

10 minutes: introduction and opening discussion

On arrival we start with a video and give participants an idea of the objectives as well as explore some of their comments, which we will capture in advance.

We will ensure everyone knows they are there to start a conversation and we are not expecting solutions today but hopefully some changed mind-sets

10 – 15 minutes: Problems and Barriers

Highlight why we still have significant problems with diversity and inclusion

Highlight statistics and data on these challenges

Emphasise how this is integral to the future world of work and benefits in getting this right

Discuss the role of men and their challenges in this conversation

20 minutes: Privilege and Culture

Outline the hidden privileges that we all have

Explore the dominant culture of organisations and how this can have a huge bearing on the openness and inclusivity

Call out Privileges in the room

25- 30 minutes: Unconscious Bias

What is it and why do we all have it?

What it can affect in work and in life?

How it can impact appraisals, hiring and promotions in work?

What we can do about it and what are other organisations doing?

15- 20 mins: The role we all can play

It starts with awareness – explain the importance of just having people think about the position they may hold and the things that they may say

What to do when they leave this room – importance of positive, effective communication

What simple things can we start doing as individuals and an organisation

How we need to look at gender as a male issue

Building some emotional blocks as we refer to mothers, sister, nieces, family and friends.

5 – 10 mins: Final Discussion and feedback

An opportunity to reflect on the session and remind them of the objectives. Confirm that we are not looking for the answer straight away.

To register your interest in attending please email dtimoney@itag.ie

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