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- 17:00
Mon, October 22 2018
- Wed, October 24 2018

ManagementWorks is a Skillnet-funded initiative under the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs.
ManagementWorks provides a small suite of subsidised management development programmes for
business owners and managers in Ireland. Our goal is to help managers drive improvements in business
performance by improving their management capability.
Since 2012 we have teamed up with the Irish Management Institute (IMI) to make a selection of their
Postgraduate IMI Diploma programmes available at a greatly reduced rate to business owners and

What is the IMI Diploma in Leadership?
In the challenging times we all now face, strong leadership is widely recognised as the single most
important factor in determining which organisations will survive and grow out of the recession, and
which will not. As a manager, the current environment is forcing you to face the most difficult
leadership challenges of your career. The quality of the leadership that you provide to those around
you will help determine your career trajectory and will help define your organisation’s success.
The IMI Diploma in Leadership is the IMI’s flagship leadership development programme. Its aim is
simple – to dramatically enhance your practical leadership skills, awareness, impact and judgement.
By participating, you will become a more confident, well-rounded and inspirational leader – capable
of handling the challenges of the current environment and ready to step up to the next level in your
career development.

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