Influencing & Courageous Thinking

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- 16:30
Mon, October 21 2019
- Mon, October 21 2019

Course Description: This is a one-day experiential program for all professionals ranging from Graduates to Senior Leaders who wish to develop the core people management skill of how to hold effective and impactful courageous conversations. This one-day workshop is a core component of our Mindful Leader Program which has been delivered across many cultures to-date and so the core concepts of holding Courageous Conversations have been proven to work across diverse cultures.
Learning Outcomes & Objectives:
The aim of this one-day workshop is to support participants to develop the skill of courageously speaking up when challenged to express their unique viewpoint.
The program will provide participants with all the tools, tips and techniques to be able to successfully navigate their way through a difficult conversation and to arrive at the best possible outcome for themselves, their teams and their organization.
Topics & Activities:
This highly practical program begins by explaining the primitive survival instinct of fight or flight and how to manage it internally so that we can respond maturely to the situation rather than react defensively. Participants will be provided with a tool to support them to prepare for a challenging conversation.
A second practical tool will also be provided to support the participants to navigate their way through the actual challenging conversation. The participants will also be provided with some resources to deal with the situation where no time is available to prepare for a difficult situation and so they need to be able to deal with the challenging situation in real time and in the here and now.

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