itag DWF Mid-Summer Networking Event

Event type:Digital Women
The Dean Hotel, Galway

Event Details

- 19:00
Thu, June 23 2022

Join itag Digital Women’s Forum for our Mid Summer Networking Event in The Dean hotel.

With Special Guest Speaker:
Caroline Hughes
Conscious Leader, Thoughtful Coach, Dynamic Woman
Caroline Hughes, CEO of Conscious Leaders, is a highly accomplished global talent and leadership executive, and advocate of leaders who live and work from a place of authenticity. Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Caroline has previously held global senior executive positions across a range of sectors including Global Director of
Leadership Development in CRH plc, and Head of Change in Central Bank of Ireland during the Irish Economic Bailout, Troika Programme. She successfully climbed the career ladder as a woman in a man’s world of heavy industry and believes that how we celebrate what makes us different while integrating into group norms can enable us to become role models for others to succeed.
Her philosophy is that leadership is an inside-out job and that focusing on behaviours without more in-depth exploration into mindset and values, will only lead to short-term outcomes. The real work takes place when we dig deep to answer the question “Why should anyone be led by you?” and is particularly relevant when leading hybrid teams. While recovering from burnout, she learned that attending to physical health was not enough. She immersed herself in the teachings of thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Brandon Bays, Michael Neill. Bringing her unique understanding of the dynamics and pressures of fast-moving PLCs, she coaches and consults on talent strategy and designs leadership interventions that bring the client’s unique culture and values to life in a way that enables better personal and business outcomes.
Having held senior positions in male-dominated environments, she is a strong advocate of women in business and track record in delivering an “Inclusion starts with I” approach to diversity. In other words, inclusive behaviours must be embedded at all levels in order to attract and retain a diverse workforce. She is well versed in organisation behaviour, and how to navigate the needs of various stakeholders and build sustainable change. A dynamic woman with infinite curiosity, she also brings her unique insights from her most challenging hikes from all over the world – Kilimanjaro, Base Camp Everest, Annapurna Circuit (Himalaya), Ausangate (Peru) to help clients think differently about how they show up and inspire others.
How can you work with Caroline?
Conscious leadership is about doing everything with awareness. It is for the brave who are willing to dig deep and answer what it means to live from their core values and be accountable for how they show up for themselves and for their teams. Caroline is available for consulting and interim work in the areas of Talent Management, Leadership Development and Inclusion strategy design and delivery. An inspirational speaker, she has appeared at many international conferences to speak from her direct experience of female leadership, and the transformational impact of burnout. She also loves partnering with executives for 121 transformation coaching where we explore why mindset matters and how by focusing on behavioural change without paying attention to deeper saboteurs is rarely sustainable. She supports leaders to show up authentically, regardless of whether the road ahead is clear, and gives them a safe place to unburden and strategize so that they can meet
their highest goals.
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