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- 16:30
Thu, October 3 2019
- Fri, October 4 2019

Course Description: In this 2 day course, we delve into why Kanban works so well both as a work management and change management approach. We look at the benefits of Kanban compared to plan-driven approaches, particularly in complex environments with a lot of churn. We examine some of the theoretical foundations for empirical control methods, and the economic realities of software development and operations that make Kanban so compelling.
Leaning Outcomes & Objectives:
Deep dive of Kanban practices and tools, including Value Stream Mapping, Visualization of Work Flow, Metrics (e.g. Lead Time & CFD), Limiting WIP, Managing Flow and Attaining Pull, Work Item Types, Classes of Service, Explicit Policies and Feedback Loops.
The course will include exercises to illustrate important concepts and two comprehensive Kanban simulations to allow attendees:
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