Managing 3rd Party Relationships & Contractual Cover

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- 16:30
Wed, January 16 2019
- Wed, January 16 2019

In todays busy business environment, there is understandably a commercial focus on direct
customer contracts and getting the deal done. However, it is easy to overlook putting in
place appropriate 3rd party contracts which can protect, manage risk and add value to IT
Service Providers.
The purpose of the presentation is to give an overview of how to manage 3rd party
relationships from a contractual viewpoint. The presentation will look at the following areas:
1. NDA’s and Heads of Agreement
 The initial steps of establishing the 3rd party contractual relationship.
2. Collaboration Agreements
 A look at the types of Collaboration Agreements and key protections required.
3. Distribution/Reseller Agreements
 A forensic look at key issues which arise including:
Duration and renewals;
Owner –v- distributor undertaking;
Termination protections;
Levels of software support;
4. Teaming Agreements and Sub-Contracts
 In the event of a joint Tender bid, a look at key protections in the following areas:
Allocation of Work;
Preparation and Submission of Tenders;
Negotiation and acceptance of Contracts;
For of Sub-Contract;
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Based in Westport, Myles Staunton & Co Solicitors provides specialist legal advice to
Information Technology companies in the private and public sectors. The firm has a proven
track record in managing a wide portfolio and completion of high value Information
Technology commercial transactions both in Ireland and internationally.

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