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Managing Under Pressure

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- 16:30
Wed, December 4 2019
- Wed, December 4 2019

Even the most effective among us suffer the by-products of undue pressure:- for
example distraction. lack of concentration, time wasting, poor productivity,
absenteeism, frustration, stress and ill-health being just some of them.
Professional competence, talent and excellence are no guarantee of immunity
to these stresses.
Stress accumulates gradually over years of long working hours and an imbalance
between work and personal life- resulting in individuals whose professional
expertise, personal effectiveness and wellbeing are greatly compromised.
Good resilience management is therefore critically important for career/life success.
Course Content:
• What is Stress?- The difference between Pressure & Stress.
• How & Why Stress undermines effectiveness, productivity and quality of life.
• The relationship between Stress, Health and performance.
• Assess your current levels: Guided Self-Assessment with opportunity for
evaluation by Specialist.
• The disruptive power of living with continual ongoing stress…..impact of
negative feelings and how to overcome them.
• Recognising and reducing Stress Symptoms before they become a problem.
• How to conquer :- Tools of Resilience.
• Personality Perception & individual susceptibility.
• Learn proven techniques for Recovery & Prevention; managing Stress, Time/
Personal effectiveness. (Applied Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural
Benefits of Resilience Training:
Ø stress reduction, with associated physiological improvement
Ø Increased clarity, focus, attention span, accuracy and learning ability
Ø Increased mental and emotional reserves to respond to immediate
Ø Improved decision-making – reduction of decision fatigue
Ø Improved communication skills that enhance personal and professional
Ø Efficient project planning with added creativity
Ø Reduced fatigue and burnout
Ø Improved work/life balance
Ø Improved Health and wellness
Who should attend:
Many incidences of stress are due to accumulating factors, principally; exhausting
years of long working hours that have not been adequately balanced.
This programme is for the stressed and those who want to remain stress free.

Programme Tutor
Gráinne O’ Reilly is a qualified Consultant Psychologist specialising in
Neurobiology/NeuroPsychology who is the owner and managing director of Lorg
Business Stress Consultants. Gráinne began her working life as a Lecturer in
Organisational Psychology, was then headhunted into the Electronics industry in
Human Resources. She subsequently moved to the Pharmaceutical, Technology &
Marine Manufacturing industries as Management Director for large manufacturing
companies in Cork.
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