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- 17:00
Wed, December 12 2018
- Fri, December 14 2018

P B A® P r e p a r a t i o n C o u r s e

This project management course will give participants foundation, experience, techniques and tools to manage the various aspects of a project. This is a course that is based on application with a board array of practical experiences that can immediately be applied. The course will cover the content of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and present the information that is examined on the Project Business Analyst (PBA®) Certification Audience (Application Level): Anyone wishing to take the PBA® exam


Lecture based with sample questions.


This course will be of benefit to learners who identify the importance of the PBA® accreditation.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will know how to:

* understand the PBA® exam process (i.e. application procedure to taking the exam)

* identify the attributes of being a Business Analyst

* understand the Business Analyst tools and techniques

* understand the development and detailing of requirements

* evaluation of stakeholders needs and requirements

* ability to analysis, understand and document a process, system or structure to evaluate its effectiveness and efficiency.

* ability to understand change management and how this needs to be aligned to an organisation

* understanding how to harness the positive energy needed to bring about successful change

* solution management – what is feasible given constraints (budgetary, system, resourcing, time, process)

* stakeholder management – identify, assessing needs relationship management

* practice sample PBA® exam questions

Course Content: The following topics will be covered

* Topic 1: – Introduction to PMI-PBA® Certification

* Topic 2: – Business Analysis Planning – Review the business case

* Topic 3: – Schedule tools and techniques

* Topic 4: – The role of the Business Analysis in eliciting requirements

* Topic 5: – Elaborate and specify detailed requirements acceptance criteria

* Topic 6: – Track & Monitoring requirements

* Topic 7: – Evaluation and Communication

* Topic 8: – Soft Skills and Stakeholder Engagement

* Topic 9: – Test-Taking Strategies

The course cost is €495 which doesn’t include the exam.

For more details or to book your place, please contact Dee

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