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Event type:Digital Women

Event Details

Mon, September 14 2020

Katja Von Koten will facilitate itag’s September Masterclass.


Learn how to command attention and create an immediate connection with your audience in this interactive masterclass. You’ll discover verbal and nonverbal communication techniques to increase the impact of your message and keep your audience’s attention focused on you and your content. The result? People will know you’re worth listening to every time you speak.

About Katja

Colleagues call Katja a Coach, but she calls herself a facilitator, giving others the space, positivity, and feedback they need to find their own unique strengths. That supportive approach was influenced by something a fellow coach once said to Katja: “We always look at our perceived weaknesses and try to make these better. Instead, we must look at our strengths and pursue to make these even better.” Now, it’s more than a message — it’s the cornerstone of her work with customers around the world.

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