‘Scaling Agility’ with Brian Tucker

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- 13:00
Wed, November 16 2022

itag’s Agile Forum is delighted to bring you ‘Scaling Agility’ with Brian Tucker, Principal Consultant, Ivar Jacobson International.

Drawing upon his extensive experience Brian will take a look at how Agility can be scaled up to large groups of people. After taking a look at some of the different options for scaling, it will look at the practicalities of getting large groups of people behaving in an Agile manner and how to keep things Agile once the large group is running.

Session Abstract

  • Developments in Scaling Agility
  • Starting Agile Release Trains
  • Keeping It Running

Brian Tucker, Principal Consultant, Ivar Jacobson International

Brian has been teaching and coaching on the Scaled Agile Framework since before it formally existed, having started on the initial implementation over a decade ago. In the intervening years Brian has support SAFe adoptions in almost every market sector and industry, from Finance to Product, pure software to hardware development, free and regulated environments, private and public organisations. Brian regularly delivers the SAFe Program Consultant training and has delivered it over a hundred times in the last 8 years; more than anyone else in the world. Brian has extensive management experience in both corporate and small company situations, backed up with 11 years of software development experience.

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