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Securing Edge Devices at Scale

Event Details

- 17:00
Thu, June 11 2020
- Thu, June 11 2020

Ben is a System Engineer with the IoT development group in Advantech, Oranmore, will discuss ‘Securing Edge Devices at Scale’

In his role he gets to play with everything, from devices to dashboards, and have a say in everything, from architecture, security, devops, test, and integration, to documentation.

His current focus is on WebAccess/DMP, Advantech’s “Device Management and Provisioning” platform. This talk will include an overview of the device security features of the platform, and a discussion about some of the design decisions and trade-offs that were made. These should be relevant for any other company interested in deploying secure IoT solutions.

In his career Ben has worked at every level of the technology stack, from silicon to software, and for companies of every size, from start-ups to multi-nationals.

He enjoys seeing the big picture.

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