SoftTest West – “Improving engineering quality through better tools and practices”

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- 16:00
Thu, November 16 2017
- Thu, November 16 2017

SoftTest West in association with ITAG Skillnet are proud to present an afternoon event on the theme of <em“Improving engineering quality through better tools and practices”.</em

Date: November 16th 2017
Time: 14:00 – 16:00

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We are delighted to have speakers share their experiences with us on these insightful and engaging topics:

Abstract: Faron will talk about how his organisation implemented solutions for common pitfalls/obstacles that test teams face when moving from a Waterfall environment to Agile.
Pitfalls like:
• Writing/re-using/maintaining test cases
• Reporting test results
• Logging & archiving test case execution results
He will also touch on how the manual testers upskilled and moved into automation roles.

About the Speaker
Faron Coyne is SDET Manager with Bank of Ireland, Group Websites Division where
he manages a team of 4 automation testers. He joined Bank of Ireland in May 2015
having similar roles in Buy4Now, Unum and Microsoft.

Abstract: Ever looked at security tools and wondered how they compare? Or which
tool to use in which situation? This covers our everyday experience with using both Vulnerability Scanners in a large SAAS company and in which situations we found they shined.

What will be covered in this session:
• What is a vulnerability scanner?
• Comparing these vulnerability scanners.
• How can vulnerability scanners improve your testing?
• What disadvantages do you need to consider?
• Assessing the security scanners.
• Some consideration if you want to run these against the cloud.

Those attending should be more familiar with security scanning tools and when they might choose to use a vulnerability scanner. They will have the confidence to make a choice for their own testing strategy. I will go through these two tools in detail and include some generalized examples.

Mary Gilmartin (B.Sc. CS) works as a Test Engineer at Channel Advisor. She is the founder of the Limerick Software Testing meetup. All her days are spent toiling in Global e-commerce but is most interested in security and automation. Mary contributes to open source projects including Cucumber and Specflow. Outside of work, she is found reading
and doing Tai-chi.

Abstract: Performance analysis on financial software is massively complex and
challenging. This is the story of how Murex started to use Splunk to help debug
performance problems (Murex is a world leader in trading platforms used by financial
Before Splunk we had millions and millions of timings logs, the problem was
displaying them quickly so they are usable for developers and testers. Up to this
point, we were using a basic PDF report with graphs with static mathematics.
However when we were able to dynamically graph this data with Splunk the analysis
became much quicker and easier. The turnaround time decreased for resolution for
testing and development.
In addition to this we developed multiple functions in the dashboard to enhance the
usability. A developer could attach their environment to Splunk in 5 seconds for live
monitoring, they could save a test as a URL to share with colleagues.

Dashboard for Developers/Testers

Robert Lynch is the Splunk global manager and performance test manager at Murex
(Murex is a world leader in trading platforms). Robert is the winner of the 2017
“Splunk Ninja” revolution award.

testing on major financial institutions at Murex. Robert holds a “Computer Science”
degree and a masters from Trinity college in “High Performance Computing”. He
introduced Splunk to Murex in 2014 because the current tools were inadequate for
analysis. Based mainly in Dublin, Ireland, he has spent 13 years investigating nonfunctional mission-critical problems.

quickly is essential. He has taken this skill set and has applied it to producing user specific dashboards and has brought about change at Murex. Robert also teaches
Splunk development to other teams and takes on board new user stories for future

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