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Staying Personally Empowered, Resilient & Resourceful during Challenging Times

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- 12:30
Thu, July 2 2020
- Thu, July 2 2020

Staying Personally Empowered, Resilient & Resourceful During Challenging Times

Program Information Staying Personally Empowered, Resilient & Resourceful has never been as important as it is now, during these challenging times. This is common knowledge but unfortunately it may not be common practice. The temptation to descend into a place of helplessness and disempowerment is significant at present. This virtual program offers a practical approach to staying empowered and resourceful now and into the future. So, if you can benefit from the following toolbox of resources, techniques, and insights, then this program may be for you:

  1. How to assess the current level of balance in your life and what actions you can take to bring greater balance into your life.
  2. How to assess your current levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy and how to refill and tap into these vital energy resources.
  3. How to minimize or eliminate drama that drains the energy from your life.
  4. How to communicate in a way that is effective and influential during these challenging time.
  5. How to transform conflict in your personal or professional life into deeper and higher trust collaborative relationships.
  6. How staying true to Personal Values and how defining Personal Success can be a significant support during these times of significant turbulence.

Program Structure: This program will be offered virtually using the Zoom platform and it will be delivered over a two week period with one three hour session per week, on the 25th June and 2nd July, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm both days.

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