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Event type:Tech Skills
Live Virtual

Event Details

- 17:00
Mon, December 12 2022
- Tue, December 13 2022
This course is specifically designed for individuals who are new to Terraform and are planning to implement Terraform in their organization and want to get an in-depth view of various topics and best practices.

Course Outline


  1. Infrastructure as Code and Automated Deployments
    1. What is IaC
    2. Approaches to IaC
    3. Terraform, Cloudformation, SAM and others


  1. Infrastructure in Source Control – Git
    1. Introduction to Git
    2. Working with Git in the Enterprise
    3. Maintaining IaC in Git
    4. Triggering pipelines from Git hooks


  1. IaC and DevOps
    1. Performing automated deployments
    2. Blue / Green
    3. Canary
    4. In place rolling updates


  1. Terraform Fundamentals
    1. Understanding how Terraform Works
    2. Setting up Terraform
    3. Deploying a single server using Terraform
    4. Deploying a load balanced cluster of servers using Terraform


  1. Managing State using Terraform Enterprise
    1. How do you know what you have
    2. Maintaining a registry of resources
    3. The Terraform enterprise solution
    4. Deploying, tracking and updating a deployment using Terraform enterprise


  1. Configuration Management with Ansible
    1. Introduction to Configuration management tools
    2. Automating configuration using Ansible
    3. Configuring servers using Ansible
    4. Deploying an updated application using Ansible


  1. When to use Ansible or Terraform
    1. What should generally be done in Terraform
    2. What should generally done using Ansible
    3. Combining Terraform and Ansible
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