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- 17:00
Wed, September 27 2023
- Thu, September 28 2023

Course Description:

UX Foundation is an intensive two-day introduction to the entire field of UX. The course is highly practical and is structured to follow the lifecycle of a user experience project, using a real-world case study as the centre-piece. Every principle, concept and technique is brought to life with tangible examples and hands-on exercises.


Learning Outcomes & Objectives:

The goal of our training course is to help your teams learn more about this ground-breaking process. We want to build awareness, build confidence and build skills.  Particularly, we think your teams could benefit in the following ways:


• Inside-out knowledge of UX design principles and techniques
• The language and confidence to verbalise UX concepts
• A better ability to see software products from the end-user’s perspective
• An understanding of why UX matters and how it’s relevant to your customers
• Learn through practice the most powerful UX techniques
• Develop a mindset for problem-solving using design thinking
• Communicate and collaborate effectively on projects
• Learn UX in a fun, engaging and stimulating environment

Course Content

Module 1: UX Theory

An introduction to the theories, principles and philosophy of user experience

What is user experience?
• User experience = problem-solving
• Functional, aesthetic and experience design
• The design process
• Organisational benefits of the process

Why technology is complicated
• Humans v. machines
• The danger of features

Classic software development mistakes
• Building features, not solving problems
• Taking shortcuts
• Failing to prioritise
• Failing to design in detail

What we need learn about our users
• Goals
• Behaviour
• Context


Module 2: Research Techniques
How to plan and perform customer research to develop a deep understanding of your users.

What is research?
• Research = understanding user problems
• What works and what doesn’t work
• Classic research mistakes to avoid

Research bias
• Types of bias
• How to avoid them

Qualitative research
• Usability testing
• Live usability test
• Customer interviews
• Planning your qualitative research

Quantitative research
• Card-sorting
• Online surveys


Module 3: Research Analysis

How to synthesise your research data into actionable insights and design goals.

What is analysis?
• Analysis = defining user problems
• Triangulation and patterns
• Insight v. proof

Affinity diagrams
• Collaborative analysis
• The K-J Method

• The pitfalls of personas
• Personas v marketing segments
• Defining your personas
Customer journey maps
• The elements of a customer journey
• Plotting a customer journey
• Visualising your requirements

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