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AI Forum Article
September 6, 2023

AI Focus

Author: Edel Morgan
Published by: The Irish Times
Date published: July 20, 2023

Do you often ponder about the direction AI is heading towards? 🤔 Are you curious about its potential impact on fraud prevention or job security? Look no further! Check out the AI Focus article for The Irish Times edited by Edel Morgan.

We need to prepare for Evolving AI, Danielle Barron

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In AI we trust – or do we?, Sandra O’Connell

AI helps counteract Fraud, Edel Corrigan

AI unlikely to result in a net loss of jobs, Jillian Godsil

Where AI goes bananas, Barry McCall

Next Industrial Revolution will be digitalised, Barry McCall

Rage against the machine?  Edel Corrigan

Don’t miss out on this captivating journey into the world of AI! Follow the link below to read the full article and immerse yourself in the advancements and challenges of Evolving AI. 📚✨

Read now: AI Focus