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June 2, 2020

AtlanTec Recommended Reading

Thank you to everybody who attended AtlanTec Virtual Festival of Technology. Thanks to the speakers for their fantastic insights, it was wonderful to see the passion they have in their respective fields of expertise.  We are delighted to compile a speaker’s recommended reading list. 

Edmund Sutcliffe, ‘Trust Uncertainty, Doubt – Models and their Interpretation’

  • User Story Mapping – by Jeff Patton
  • Sprint – by Jake Knapp
  • Weapons of Math Destruction – Cathy O’Neil
  • How to measure anything – Douglas Hubbard
  • Superforecasting: The art and science of prediction – Philip Tetlock & Dan Gardner
  • Edmund would also highly recommend, a Ted Talk by Cathy O’Neill, The Era of Blind Faith in Big Data Must End

DONAL SIMMIE, Newday –  ‘Embedding a Data Science culture into an Organisation’

  • The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking by Barbara Minto
  • The Signal & The Noise Paperback – The Art and Science of Prediction by Nate Silver.
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow (by Daniel Kahneman)
  • The Black Swan (The impact of the highly improbable) by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • The Art of Statistics (Learning from Data) by David Spiegelhalter
  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

JJ O’Riordan, The Mindful Leader Academy ‘Inspiration Leadership – Lessons learned’

MARK GREVILLE – Workhuman ‘Rapid Change – Why It’s Important to Embrace’

One last word from Mark. Three days before the publication of my article in the Cutter Journal, the editor got in touch and asked if I had permission to use Ray Kurzweil’s diagram. I was in a panic, and I knew that there was no way I could get permission in time. I would have to replace it myself and rewrite the section, then have it re-edited and fact checked, probably missing the deadline and my opportunity. Getting published in this journal was an enormous deal to me as so many people who I look up to have published there (Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham, Alistair Cockburn to name a few).

I emailed the Kurzweil site and went to bed depressed. I awoke the next morning and found that Sarah, who works for Ray, had sent me a note telling me that Ray had given me permission to use the diagram. All he wanted in return was a copy of my article.

Ray Kurzweil, visionary, genius, gentleman.