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Dr Golden - Silicon Republic 19th May
May 20, 2020

Dr Aaron Golden of NUI Galway is looking to develop an AI imaging system that can help radiology teams detect the early stages of Covid-19.

Published by: Silicone Republic
Date published: May 19, 2020

When it comes to the treatment of Covid-19 – a disease we are only beginning to understand – time is of the essence. However, getting a diagnosis quickly and accurately has proven a challenge in many parts of the world.

While nasal and throat swabs have become the most familiar tests, they can often face significant delays. Instead, CT scans can be a useful tool because a radiologist will be able to see evidence of lesions on the lungs that would be indicative of Covid-19 caught up with Dr. Golden to find out more about the project, ahead of his online presentation at AtlanTec Virtual Festival 2020.


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