Fidelity Investments: The evolution of our Flow metrics to predictive analytics using Monte Carlo Simulations

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- 13:00
Wed, April 27 2022

Overview: Fidelity Investment have developed a suite of flow metrics reports. We have reimagined the way to view Cycle Time, Leadtime, Throughput and WIP to tell a story of how out teams are performing. These flow metrics are process independent, they are generated automatically, every day, for all teams in Fidelity. They are simple, easy to understand and actionable. Recently, we have enhanced this suite of reports to include a Monte Carlo simulation that predicts the number of stories (or points) a team is likely to deliver in the next sprint. We can also show what is the probability of delivering x number of stories in a sprint. Please join me to hear about our journey, see our tool in action and interact in a Q&A session.


BIOVince spent many years working in Ericsson Athlone. He held many different roles from project to program manager. Since 2009 he has been working in an agile environment and spent many years working in Ericsson as an agile coach. In 2015 he joined Fidelity. As product owner, he was part of the team that build the flow metrics that we are going to show you today.

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