AGILE | DEVOPS | TESTING: Tutorials and Conference

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- 16:00
Tue, November 22 2016
- Wed, November 23 2016

This two-day* event brings together subject experts, thought leaders and practitioners speaking on the foremost themes of these topics. The speakers highlight the aspects that are easy to adopt and discuss the difficulties and how to surmount them.
The Tutorials scheduled for Day One [22 November] provide a unique opportunity to learn in depth about different aspects of Agile, DevOps and Testing. While the Conference Awareness Day [23 November] features a number of subject experts sharing their knowledge and experience, mostly via extremely valuable case studies about different industry sectors.
*Delegates are welcome to book for one day or two days!
DAY 1- Tuesday 22 November: Tutorials Day
The attendees choose one of the two Tutorial Streams: “Agile and Testing” or “DevOps”.
DevOps, Testing and Agile are covered by a day of intensive tutorial sessions. These are short hands-on, interactive training sessions. Delegates are also free to change tutorial streams during the day.
DAY 2- Wednesday 23 November: Conference Day
The event lasts for a whole day and brings together insightful overviews delivered by subject experts and case studies. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking and an interactive panel session.
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