Data Driven, Ethical & Trustworthy AI

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- 18:30
Wed, January 25 2023
Guest Speaker: Gearóid Hynes
Data driven public transport:  How CitySwift are using machine learning to improve bus networks for passengers, cities, operators and the environment.
Gearóid is CitySwift’s Head of Product, where he defines and drives the product strategy. At CitySwift Gearoid combines his passions for technology and sustainable transport, while building on his experience across academia, multinationals and other startups.

Guest Speaker: Dr Malika Bendechache

Data Governance for Ethical and Trustworthy AI

Data is commonly viewed as a valuable asset by several companies, leading researchers and practitioners to widely recognise the imperative for achieving and maintaining a high standard of data quality and value. 

Several models and techniques have been proposed over the years to assess the value of data from various dimensions. However, none of these models consider dimensions that capture the toxicity of the data, its bias, or other ethical concerns. 

As a large number of businesses/services regularly use AI and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to automate their decision-making processes, and due to the lack of assessment techniques that identify data toxicity and its proneness to yield biased and unethical AI/ML techniques, companies often leverage a posteriori AI Trustworthiness and Ethics assessment frameworks. Therefore, there is a need for the assessment of data value that factors ethical and trustworthy aspects prior to making the decision on using it to generate automated decision-making techniques. 

Dr Malika Bendechache have recently joined the School of Computer Science, University of Calway (NUIG) as an Assistant Professor/Lecturer above the bar, undertaking teaching and research duties. She is a Funded Investigator with ADAPT centre, working on the development and validation of new analytics, metrics, and tools to support automated Data Governance and AI Governance.

Malika is also a funded investigator with the Lero centre, working on designing novel Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques to enhance the capability and efficiency of complex systems, and I also leverage complex systems to improve the effectiveness, privacy, and trustworthiness of Analytics/Machine Learning techniques.  She has a strong background in Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Governance, Distributed Systems, Parallel systems, Cloud Computing, Edge/Fog Analytics, Blockchain, Security, and Privacy.

I love researching and trying to find answers to challenging questions; people see me as an enthusiastic, focused, and hard worker.

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