Cyber Tuesday – Secure Networks

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- 13:30
Tue, April 27 2021

This presentation will cover the how security processes are changing with the virtualization of connectivity and the protocols which underpin the security of modern networks. It will focus on the partitioning of security features within the network, trade-offs when deploying cryptography in a network and how standards are changing to address new challenges. It will introduce IPSec and TLS, the most prolific protocols deployed in live networks, and the roles of asymmetric and symmetric cipher algorithms within these protocols.

 John Barry is a security microarchitect in Intel’s Connectivity Group. He has over 20 years’ experience developing silicon and systems for resilient networks. Declan Doherty is a Network Software Engineer focussed on Data Plane Packet Processing. John and Declan are responsible for accelerating networking security protocols and algorithms for next-generation communications systems including 5G, edge and core networks.

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