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Peter Cosgrove 3
October 25, 2018

Future of Work

Future of Work Review

We had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Peter Cosgrove on the topic of “Future of Work” earlier this month.  Peter, discussed how the world of work has been revolutionised by technology, and suggested we all look outside are own industries for innovation and change.

On the topic of diversity in the work place, Peter, explained how data alone, will not inspire changes in our behaviour.  We need to fully understand the issues and impact they have on us and the world around us.  Once people feel more connected to the issues they are more willing to find solutions and implement change.

Peter’s talk was informative, funny and would definitely motivate change.  Thanks to IWN and HPE for organising and hosting this event.  Click on the link below to view photos of the event.

Check out the up coming networking event “Diversity & Inclusion Masterclass”  on 22nd November.