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Forum Lead: Liam McDwyer (Genesys)
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itag are delighted to announce the establishment of a Customer Success Forum which aims to connect Customer Success and Customer Experience professionals.

As a relatively new discipline, we’ll be exploring thought leadership, sharing best practices and emerging trends in the Customer Success space through meetups, networking and other events

Through events we will look at emerging trends in Customer Success practices including:

  • How companies are investing in Customer Success to differentiate their market offering and impact revenue.
  • The alignment of product experience with customer success strategies to drive user adoption, growth  and retention
  • Movement towards a customer journey approach to deliver superior service interaction experiences that match users new expectations
  • How Customer Success can deliver a return on investment and contribute to renewals, retention and expansion.

To find out more about becoming a forum member email or come and meet us at our free event on 16th November

Our inaugural event takes place on Wednesday 16th November in Genesys, Bonham Quay, Galway.

Guest speaker: Daphne Costa Lopes ‘Connected Growth’

Summary: Everyone in Customer Success talks about enabling customers to reach their objectives. It’s why we exist. But how many companies are actually translating customer outcomes into their metrics of success? Surprisingly, most of us are not able to accurately measure whether our customers have achieved, underachieved or overachieved their outcomes. In fact, our customer outcomes live inside slide decks for success plans, or handover notes from sales to success and is seldom baked into a measurable part of our product. Today, the gold-standard metrics of CS teams are Net Revenue Retention, Products Per Customer, Product Usage and ARPU. But those metrics are only indicative of how effective we are at our own growth. And that’s not a true measure of customer success.  In this session, we will demystify the customer outcomes metric, help you define one that makes sense for your company and inspire you with ideas on how to truly scale your customer’s success.

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Our members can access the itag library where you will find helpful resources and media.

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