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Forum Lead: Jim Briscoe, Avaya
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The itag Sustainability Forum is dedicated to promoting and advancing discussions on sustainability and environmental impact for the tech industry in the West of Ireland. This forum brings together experts, leaders, and professionals from various member companies to explore innovative solutions and strategies for a sustainable future.

Energy Efficiency and Resource Conservation

  • Implementing energy-efficient practices & technologies
  • Conserving wate and other resources
  • Reducing waste through recycling and reuse programs
  • Promoting the use of renewable energy sources

Green Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  • Sourcing products and services from environmentally responsible suppliers.
  • Prioritizing the purchase of sustainable and ec0-friendly materials
  • Evaluating the environmental impact of products throughout their lifecycle
  • Encouraging suppliers to adopt sustainable practices

Employee Engagement and Education

  • Providing training and educational programs on sustainability practices.
  • Encourage employee participation in sustainability initiatives.
  • Fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and awareness
  • Recognising and rewarding employees for their contributions to sustainability efforts.

Carbon Footprint Reduction and Emissions Management

  • Setting targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Implementing strategies to minimise carbon footprint in operations.
  • Encouraging alternative transportation methods such as carpooling, biking or public transport.
  • Investing in carbon offset programs to mitigate unavoidable emmissions.

Jim Brisoce, Avaya

Members Library & Resources

Government Climate Action Plan 2024 Click here

EU Climate Action Targets

Climate strategies & targets – European Commission (

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Corporate sustainability reporting – European Commission (

Career Opportunities

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May 8 2024

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